Various quilts

Quilt Preparation

  • As you piece your top, square and press as you go.
  • Check all seams. Be sure all seams are completely sewn together, trimmed, and pressed flat.
  • Items, such as buttons, pins, sequins, couching, etc. should not be a part of the quilt top.
  • Do not baste your quilt top to the batting or backing with pins or any other method.
  • Loose threads should be trimmed, as they can show through light fabrics.
  • "Square" your quilt.  Especially the backing. If the backing is not squared it will not mount correctly on the long-arm quilting machine. If the top is not square or does not lie flat, puckering or small pleats could occur.
  • Identify the "top" of your quilt with a piece of paper pinned to the fabric.
  • Borders that are improperly sewn so that they do not lay flat may cause puckers or pleats.

You can purchase your batting through me or you can provide your own.  Batting and backing needs to be sized an additional 8" longer and 8" wider than your top.